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Spaghetti western - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Spaghetti Western, also known as Italo-Western, is a nickname for a broad sub- genre of Western films that emerged in the mid-1960s in the wake of Sergio .

Sergio Leone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sergio Leone (Italian pronunciation: [?s??rd?o le?o?ne]; January 3, 1929 . producer and screenwriter most associated with the "Spaghetti Western" genre.

Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Western Trilogy Starring Clint Eastwood
Gunfighter gear inspired by Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Westerns including replica hat, vest, gunbelt and grip. Information for Clint Eastwood fans and Fast Draw .

The Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone - The Spaghetti Western ...
Jan 9, 2011 . From The Spaghetti Western Database. Jump to: navigation, search. Leone.jpg. Years: 1964-1971; Director: Sergio Leone, Giancarlo Santi .

Category:Sergio Corbucci - The Spaghetti Western Database
Oct 14, 2010 . He was, next to Sergio Leone, the most influential and talented director of the Spaghetti Western genre. He made his first steps in the genre .

Sergio Leone: A Fistful-of-Leone!
Sergio Leone, born in 1929 in Rome, son of silent film director Vincenzo Leone, is best known for the creation of the spaghetti westerns. After making and writing .

Five: Spaghetti Westerns not directed by Sergio Leone - Late Film
Jeffman from Head Full Of Snow recommends five Spaghetti Westerns not directed by Sergio Leone.A bruised and battered stalwart of the late night cinema .

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