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Remote files
(This does not apply to files accessed in RLS mode, or coupling facility data tables, which are always defined as local files. Remote files are accessed through .

Jan 16, 2012 . If the file is remote, CICS displays a value of minus 1 (-1). If the object is a coupling facility data table: The maximum number of records can be .

Oracle Tuxedo Application Runtime for CICS CSD Converter
Specifies the length in bytes of the logical key of records in remote files, and in coupling facility data tables that are specified with LOAD (NO). OPENTIME .

LasCon Storage - VSAM RLS and DFSMStvs
Remote Data Mirroring . Today, you will have several production systems that may need to share files, and new fangled products like . The Coupling Facility Cache structures are defined with the IXCM2APU system utility and are used store .

LasCon Storage - Remote Data Mirroring - GDPS Scripts
Managing VSAM files . A typical script to freeze the data, take a flashcopy from the remote disks, then resynchronise the data is below. . which permit remote IPLing, switching coupling datasets and coupling facilities, and much more.

IBM Parallel Sysplex - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Coupling Facility (CF) may reside on a dedicated stand-alone server configured . system the recovery process reconstructs the transaction data from log files. . to Peer Remote Copy (PPRC) technology for use within a single data center.

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