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The National Center for Victims of Crime - Library/Document Viewer
For many victims, the parole process can be an intimidating and . such as restitution, notification, allocution, protection, etc.

Victims - State of Utah Board of Pardons and Parole
Parole, Special Conditions and Victim Protection Back to Top. Parole is a release from .

Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole
The Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole (Board) is committed to protecting the safety of the public, addressing the needs of crime victims, improving .

USCIS - Humanitarian Parole
6 days ago . Victims of Human Trafficking: T Nonimmigrant Status; Victims of Criminal Activity: U Nonimmigrant Status. Temporary Protected Status .

Handbook for Victims of Crime
However, the constitution also gives victims the right to be protected from further . Parole lets an offender serve the last part of a sentence in the community .

Marsy's Law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
But while victims may impact parole decisions, her analysis of 211 parole hearings . parole to petition to advance the date of the next parole hearing protected .

Links to the Law
Parole Placement - Out of County. 3003(b)(1) - Need to protect the life or safety of a victim, the parolee, a witness, or any other person. 3003(5)(c) - Priority to the .

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