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I find that SCHIP decreased the number of hours spent on patient care. . pay patients) and the Pm curve (which represents the fixed reimbursement from the .

The Impact of Facility Design on Patient Safety - Patient Safety and ...
3. An Overview of To Err is Human: Re-emphasizing the Message of Patient Safety . evidence-based designs to decrease distractions, standardize locations of . of time spent teaching families; equipment not being available; patient rooms .

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making
decreased time spent charting and increased time spent in patient care; . Conclusions: When compared to a paper chart, the CDS provided a more legible, .

Caring for the Chart or the Patient? - Well Blog - The New York Times
Feb 2, 2011 . Military doctors focus on patient care, while nurses often battle a . I find that I spend more time on the chart than on the patientno exaggeration. . of care is reduced by excessive perserverance on proving we didn't do .

National Survey of Physicians Part 3: Doctor's Opinions About Their ...
required, decreasing time with patients, and decreasing patients' access to specialists. . medicine has lessened over the same time period. (Chart 1). A majority (53%) . decreased the amount of time they can spend with their patients (88%), .

Managing the Integrity of Patient Identity in Health Information ...
Respondents indicated that HIE decreased dollars spent on redundant tests; . decreased the cost of care for chronically ill patients; or reduced staff time spent on . The core intelligence within advanced algorithms includes bipartite graph .

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