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Outlook 2010 Safe Senders Import issue
I'm trying to set up a GPO push of the "Safe Senders" list to Outlook . a particular Trusted Sender entry and export to CSV (helped me find .

The Authentication Database
If a match is found and it is designated Allowed, the email is immediately allowed to . specify only the selected (allowed, blocked, white list, or black list) entries for display. . Automatically add the sender of digitally signed emails to the white list . Import from CSV file: This option allows you to import the list of authenticated .

Backup/Restore/Manage your Exchange whitelist using exchange ...
Jun 12, 2010 . To add a entry . To remove an entry . however you might want to backup just the sender safe list in that case use the following script . bypassedSenders import-csv C:\SafeList.csv | foreach{ $email = $_.local += "@"; $email .

McAfee | MX Logic Quick Start User's Guide
Add Senders to the Allow List from Quarantine Screen . . In the Add Entry field for either the Allow List or Deny List, type a sender address or domain .

Anti-Spam Admin Guide
approved sender list you can override any public block list entries. . The reason for the use of a CSV format is to allow you to maintain a file with additional .

Bluebottle - Email Service Review - About Email
New senders can authorize themselves by responding to a challenge. You can import existing contacts from CSV files to your Bluebottle "Allowed Senders" list.

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